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Thanks to Megan Leslie for your kind words!

Posted by Megan Leslie - President and CEO of WWF Canada

With all the comings and goings in December, I arrived home from the airport one evening to find a lovely gift (snail mail!) from Ashley Moffat. The gesture warmed me through the holidays, but admittedly, I spent most of my listening time with my beloved Christmas carols on repeat.

Now in the new year with time to really listen: what a delight! Also, it's not lost on me that the title track #Habitat could be an anthem for WWF-Canada's Living Planet Report-Canada.

They're full of beautiful songs (Narwhal! Making Maple Syrup! So good.), but also anyone who can make you want to sing along about roadside wildlife mortality is a national treasure.


PS: All I Wanna do is Eat Bamboo is about us pandas!

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