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Wild About Nature

by Little Miss Moffat

Released 2012
Released 2012
These catchy and quirky nature tunes are a must-have for nature-lovers of all ages. A mixture of blues, folk, and pop, these silly songs are about beavers, sea cucumbers, pandas, beetles, bats, lichens, owls, frogs, and the wilderness experience.
“Wild About Nature” (2012) is a solid blend of Moffat’s quirky and catchy nature tunes about sea cucumbers, bats, owls, beavers, and even pandas. Produced by Benn Ross, the album features the likes of Benn Ross, Old Man Luedecke, John Parker, Clive MacNutt, Joyce Saunders, and Joel Plaskett. Charged up, and ready to go another round, Little Miss Moffat re-emerges onto the music scene with a renewed commitment to just do what she loves: write, record, and play music.