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Ashley Moffat


   Image: Natasha Hirt

“Little Miss Moffat uses her songs and music to bring out the kid in each of us. You'll be clapping and singing along in no time.  Without effort you'll learn a lot about nature and with knowledge comes appreciation and the desire to protect and preserve.  Little Miss Moffat mastered the art of engaging people to conserve... impossible to resist, you'll be drawn in with a smile.”   

Éric Le Bel - Superintendent, Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada


“A brilliant storyteller who weaves a message of the importance of protecting the environment through characters and story lines that will captivate her young readers. The songs are both catchy and cleverly worded to teach kids about the special traits and skills of animals around the world, and also what makes their habitats unique and therefore important to preserve and protect. Ashley Moffatt’s songs will help build a new generation of young environmentalists.”   


Lenore Zann – MLA for Truro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon River, NS


Ashley Moffat has a contagious passion for the wilderness and music, spinning catchy nature tunes for kids of all ages. Co-founder of the Wilderbeats (2000-2008), Moffat and Joyce Saunders and released “The Wilderbeats Live” (2001) and “Second Nature” (2003), both of which received NS Music award nominations.

Ashley kept the quirky folk tunes going with her 2011 release “Wild About Nature” (winner of 2012 NS Music Award and nominated for an ECMA). “Wild About Nature” is a solid blend of Moffat’s quirky and catchy nature tunes about sea cucumbers, bats, owls, beavers, and even pandas.

Ashley's newest release, “Habitat” (November 2017), was recorded at Greg Keelor’s (Blue Rodeo) farm this past winter by Keelor and James McKenty. It is graced by such talents as Jimmy Bowskill (Sheepdogs), Mike Boguski (Blue Rodeo), and Melissa Payne. Featuring songs about Nighthawks, Narwhals, and Sasquatches, this album is as much a funky folk album for adults as it is an educational album for kids.